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  Friday, February 22, 2019



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Engineered Spiking Solutions, Inc.

ESS offers outstanding qualifications with respect to the three most critical attributes of a spiking services firm: 

Other important attributes:

ESS offers a complete line of spiking products and services which includes:

  1. Spiking Materials for Continuous Injection.
  2. Spiking Materials for Discrete Injection.
  3. Field Spiking Services for all of the Above.
  4. Consulting Services Including Spiking Plan Designs, Agency Negotiations, NOD Response, and Expert Testimony.
  5. Thorough Spiking, QA/QC, and Safety Plans and Reports.

As a firm, ESS is:

  • Customer Focused;
  • Value, Quality, and Performance Driven;
  • Engineering Based; and,
  • National in Scope.

We Invite the Opportunity to Quote Your Spiking Requirements.

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