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  Monday, August 03, 2020
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Spiking Equipment Reliability
      We are offering:
  1. The most accurate spiking material compositions available,
  2. Spiking rates based on: (a) Mass Flow Meters; and (b) Weighing Systems and Calibrations verified on-site with NIST traceable standards before and after every test,
  3. Reliable pumps and computer control and data acquisition systemps, and
  4. Budgets, which balance realism and economy provided within a clear, logical, and transparent cost structure.

To Enhance Operational Reliability, ESS:

  • Purchases robust equipment designed and manufactured for long life under severe operating conditions.
  • Integrates pumping and measurement equipment (scales and mass flow meters) into flexible, efficient, and reliable skids.
  • Provides 100% on-site backup for all pumping, measuring, and vaporizing equipment.
  • Confirms operability/accuracy of all equipment selected for a given project (including spares) at test-specific conditions (e.g., rate, backpressure, & spiking material) prior to mobilizing to the test site.


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